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.. February 26th, 2007

Hey guys! This is just quickie to let you know I just opened my design site at Virtual Insanity. So if you would like to purchase a layout or graphic go ahead and check the low prices!! I`m currently taking orders:

LEO @ virtual-insanity.org

.. November 24th, 2006

Six months and no updates, Thia should kick me out of this place like now.. But well anyway, here I am again with a new design and some new resources for you.

Regarding the layout, I was very inspired by the borders and wallpapers from Theinspirationgallery.com, that site is incredibly cool, youŽll fing tons of useful stuff. The border used in this layout is from there.

I have added a new brush set called 'tapes'. I think you guys will like it to make collages or icons, there are some tiny and large ones.

As you can see I have also added 2 new sections: Patterns & Stock. There are 72 patterns, 14 textures and 18 stock images. A big thanks to Tinnie from Alquimia for helping me out finding tutorials to learn how to make patterns!! She is like a teacher! I love u!

Finally, I wanted to say that in the site section you`ll find mini pictures with the past layouts, I`ll try to upload the larger versions but I have no time now and I`m LAZY *mainly*

Thanks again and again and again for all the fabulous comments I get every week on my taggie, You have no idea how appreciate them. I always read them and if possible visit your sites! *HUGS*

Layout credits: TIG.com, Caedes, me.

LEO @ virtual-insanity.org